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Telus Drive+

Drive Smarter with Telus Drive+

Telus Drive+ keeps you connected while driving by adding a line to your existing Telus plan. Telus Drive+ give you a better understanding of your car and you’ll be able to receive helpful car diagnostics and trouble notifications directly on your phone with their mobile App, available for both Andriod and iOS phones.

Telus Drive+ Image with Phone app

Their are two components, the Telus Drive+ device, which plugs directly into your car and the Telus Drive+ app. The app will collect information from the device and track things like your car’s location and your driving habits, plus provide diagnostic alerts so you can make sure your car stays in good shape.
Another awesome feature lets you turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect up to 5 Wi-Fi capable devices. You might be thinking, why not create a personal hotspot from your phone or tablet and just use that? The difference is that this device are dedicated hotspots, it does not multitask and only uses the data allocated to it. Telus is currently offering 1GB bonus for this.

The Telus Drive+ is manufactured by ZTE, and it’s software and cloud based features are handled by Vancouver-based developers Mojio. The module has a SIM card slot, which the card you put into it must be tied to a shareable data plan.


Once set up and installed, which is very easy, the device becomes part of the shared data plan. It has its own SSID and password to broadcast an in-car Wi-Fi network. Telus Drive+ can track each drive with starting time, also where you last parked. The app will show you how to locate your on-board diagnostics port and how to install the device. Always make sure that your car is turned off when plugging in or removing the device. Once the device is installed and your car is turned on the Telus Drive+ will start collecting data from your car, usually within a few minutes. (See video below)


Parents you’ll love this, you can set a geo-fence to keep teens from venturing too far, as well as set speed parameters. If these parameters were crossed, you would receive a notification on your Telus Drive+ app. The device also has an internal battery which goes into sleep mode when your car is not being used. This prevents battery drain, if you plan to park your car for a long period of time (several weeks), you should unplug the device to conserve battery power.


Despite every vehicle since 1996 having an OBD-II port, support for the device is not universal. Electric vehicles are incompatible, some hybrids will work. To find out if your car will take the Telus Drive+ Contact us!



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