Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 Center Channel Speaker – Black

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Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 Center Channel Speaker

  • Handles up to 200 watts input power for controlled, powerful, clear audio.
  • Two 4-1/2″ cast basket drivers coupled to two 4-1/2″ pressure-driven planar low-frequency radiators and a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter to provide balanced highs and rich, resonant lows.
  • Wide frequency response and extended dynamic range
  • Complex Linkwitz-Riley crossover networks for accurate audio between speakers.
  • Monocoque cabinets designed to be totally inert and vibration-free.
  • Low clearance upward-firing long-throw woofers only require 1″ of clearance so they work perfectly whether you open-mount the speaker or put it in a cabinet.
  • 47Hz-30kHz frequency response for faithful sound reproduction.
  • 4-8 ohms impedance conducts power through the speaker.

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Product Description

Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 Center Channel Speaker

The Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000 Center Channel Speaker is the heart of a spectacular Home Theater speaker system.
The ProCenter 2000 is Definitive’s best center speaker in the acclaimed ProCinema Series. Its compact dimensions, flat, accurate frequncy reponse and outstanding dynamic range make the ProCenter 2000 a great choice for systems based around Definitive BiPolar Series speakers as well as systems based on ProCinema components. A ProCenter 2000 along with four ProMonitor 1000s and a matching ProSub 1000 makes a complete ProCinema 1000+ system. All the components of the system are packed and sold separately allowing you to mix and match Pro Series components to build the system that best suits your needs.

Don’t let the ProCenter 2000’s small size fool you—it is a remarkably sophisticated product with huge sound. The 2000 incorporates many of the same technologies as Definitive’s top-of-the-line models including BDSS drivers, pure aluminum dome tweeters, and planar pressure coupled mid/bass radiators for home theater sound quality that will astound you.

The Secret to Its Big Sound

Competing center channel speakers of this size usually have weak lower-midrange response; that part of the audio range that contains the “warmth” and “body” of voices and musical instruments. Listen to a male vocal on typical small satellite speakers and you will instantly hear what we mean. The ProCenter avoids this critical problem by pressure-coupling our exclusive BDSS technology drivers to two equal-sized mid/bass radiators cleverly placed on the sides of the speaker. This technique doubles the lower-midrange/bass radiating area of the speaker without increasing the size of the enclosure. You’ll enjoy the kind of rich, warm and life-like sound quality that you thought was only possible with big, hard to place speakers.

Center Channel Muscle

As much as 75% of a movie’s soundtrack is played by the center channel loudspeaker making it arguably the most important speaker in a home theater system. It is the key to getting intelligible dialog and true-to-life sound effects. So we lavished extra attention on the Definitive Technology ProCenter 2000. It features 2 of the same 5-1/4” BDSS drivers used in ProMonitor 1000 satellites along with two 5-1/4” mid/bass radiators on the sides of the enclosure, allowing it to play loud and clear with high tonal accuracy. Easy to Place, Easy to Use
Small enough to disappear in a room but beautiful when in plain view, the ProCenter 2000 can be shelf or top-of-TV-mounted. Its built-in foot allows you to adjust the angle of the speaker in the vertical plane to aim the speaker at listener’s ear height. Or you can wall mount it using two after market wall mounts (not included).

The Sound

Sonically, the ProCenter 2000 is a revelation in terms of achieving incredible sound at an affordable price. It fulfills with aplomb its most important job of delivering perfectly clear and intelligible dialog to every listener in the room. It dishes out high impact sound effects with distortion-free dynamics but is also capable of great subtlety to excel equally with music or movies.

Additional Information

Weight 5.12 kg



– Speaker Type – Center-Channel Speaker
– Colour – Black
– Crossover Point – Not Applicable
– Frequency Response – 42 Hz – 30 kHz
– Magnetically Shielded – Yes
– Power Capability – 250 W
– Sensitivity – 91 dB
– Mid Range Speaker Size – 5.3 in
– Tweeter Size – 1 in
– Woofer Size – 5.3 in


– Width – 16.51 cm
– Height – 16.51 cm
– Depth – 43.18 cm
– Width (Inches) – 6.5 in
– Height (Inches) – 6.5 in
– Depth (Inches) – 17 in
– Weight – 5.12 kg

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