Pick Up Orders

Pick up your order at Gibbys Electronic Supermarket store at 55 Geneva St. St Catharines Ontario Canada.

Why would I want to pick up my order at Gibbys Electronic Supermarket store?

It’s fast. During store hours, you can pick up your order within 24 hours of placing it on www.gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca. It’s convenient. You can pick up your item whenever it’s convenient instead of waiting at home for a package to arrive.

You get the lowest price. If the product you ordered is available at a lower price in the store you selected at the time of pickup, your credit card will be charged to reflect the lowest available price.

How do I use the In-store Pickup option on www.gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca?

It’s easy:

1. Place your item(s) in your shopping cart and click the Pick-Up button (all items need to be available for Pick Up in order to proceed).

2. After you get through checkout, wait to receive 2 emails:

  • Order Confirmation email – verifies we’ve received your order.
  • Store Pickup Notification email – confirms the store has reserved your item(s) and your purchase is ready for pickup. It will also walk you through the steps you’ll take when you get to the store. This email arrives within 24 hours during store hours.

How soon can I pick up my order?

After you place your order, you’ll receive a Store Pickup Notification email. This second email should arrive within 24 hours.

What should I do when I go to pick up my order at the store?

Within 3 days of receiving your notification emails, please bring the following items to the store:

  • Store Pickup Notification email
  • The purchasing credit card you used at www.gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca (your card will be charged at the time of pickup) o NOTE: Only the person whose name is on the purchasing credit card can pick up the order at the store.

1. When can I pick up my online order at the store?

A. After you place your order, wait to receive the Store Pickup Notification email, which should arrive in your inbox within 24 hours of placing the order. You can pick up your purchase anytime during store hours after the Store Pickup Notification email has been received and before 3 days has passed.

2. What do I need to bring to the store?

A. The Store Pickup Notification email and your purchasing credit card.

3. Why do I need my credit card to pick up my order?

A. Your credit card is used to reserve your item(s). Your credit card will be swiped and charged only at the time you pick up your order. A receipt will be provided at that time.

4. How can I pay for my purchase?

A. You can use any credit card currently available at www.gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca: your VISA, Mastercard, AMEX.

5. Can I take advantage of your extended financing offers?

A. Financing offers are not currently available at www.gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca. If you wish to take advantage of one of the extended financing offers, please make your purchase at Gibbys Electronic Supermarket in-store.

6. Why can’t someone else pick up my order for me?

A. In the interest of your security, only the person who made the online purchase can claim store pickup merchandise.

7. How do I purchase an Extended Service Plan for a store pickup order?

A. At the time you pick up your order at the store, a Gibbys Electronic Supermarket sales associate will assist you if you wish to add an Extended Service Plan to protect your purchase.

8. Can I change my delivery or pickup method?

A. You can change the delivery or pickup method only by cancelling the original order and creating a new order.

9. How do I cancel my In-store Pickup order?

Send an email to <!–
// –>  to cancel an In-Store Pickup. (2) If you have received your Store Pickup Notification email but have not yet picked up your order, please contact the store direct at 905 685 7611

10. Why was my order rejected?

A. Sometimes an item may show available for pick up at www.gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca, but by the time the store actually receives your order and looks for the items to reserve, these items may already have been sold to another customer. This is why it is important to wait until you receive your Store pickup Notification email before going to the store. For Limited Quantity items, we reserve the right to decline orders to ensure stock is available for walk-in customers.



Please be sure to bring in your identification to claim your purchase in-store. Acceptable forms of identification are those that are government issued that include your photo and proof of residence (i.e. Driver’s License). Without proper identification we will not be able to release your order from our possession. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.